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These are fast paced workshops designed to help entrepreneurs achieve success faster with bigger impact and with lower risk.  These are not theoretical lectures but hands on sessions with myself and other experienced entrepreneurs and investors.  Initially, the workshops will take place in London or Oxford at a date and location to be announced so please sign up to the newsletter where the dates will be confirmed.  I will try to do a couple of dates internationally but these will be scheduled based on demand. Please register your interest below and let us know your location.





Raising capital for a startup or small business is without question one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. This one day workshop aims to help entrepreneurs and managers develop an investor mindset and provide them with a framework and toolkit to make their startup or new business propositions highly attractive to investors.

The workshop is composed of two main sections. In the morning participants will get immersed into the mindset of the investor and work with the group to make investment decisions in real world case studies. In the afternoon participants will use the framework to work on their own propositions  and establish action plans to tackle critical gaps.


Dream Design Surf 1-day Workshop

This is a one-day workshop based on the Dream Design Surf method, an approach to design science, engineering and technology based ventures for rapid growth, lower risk and global impact.

The Dream Design Surf programme helps entrepreneurs move from idea to fundable proposition through a structured approach based on the Dream Design Surf principles.

The day workshop follows the outline of the book:

  • Dream - establishing your ambition, vision and mission

  • Design – work on the five key design principles

  • Surf – Put it all together on your pitch deck


Master Class in Bio Entrepreneurship

This is a two-day master class/workshop with focus on entrepreneurship in life sciences (biotechnology, drug discovery, advanced therapies, etc).

The workshop incorporates elements of the Dream Design Surf and Raising Capital workshops with content specific to bio entrepreneurship. 

The master class consists of background lectures and case studies and hands on workshops. Participants leave the workshop with an outline pitch slide deck and with clear action steps to progress their programmes. 

Topics covered are: the life sciences/biopharmaceutical landscape,  translation of experimental therapeutics, the value creation process in life sciences/biopharmaceuticals, intellectual property, teams/resources/boards, raising capital, partnering & collaborations, putting it all together on a pitch deck and plan.


Corporate Intrapreneurship 2-Day Workshop

5th-6th July 2018
The Royale Chulan, The Curve
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Whether you are a business leader looking for new growth opportunities or trying to increase the success of your innovation efforts, there is no better way to learn about the mindset and tools of the entrepreneur than experiencing the Dream Design Surf two-day workshop. Putting the customer at the center and applying a “design” mindset to problem-solving, learn to hack, validate, pivot and pitch like a seasoned entrepreneur.

This is a fast-paced 2-day workshop working directly with serial entrepreneur and author Marcelo Bravo. You will experience first hand the approach and tools of the entrepreneurial company and work in teams to develop and pitch your own new business proposition.  After the workshop participants will be using the tools of the entrepreneur with confidence and will be thinking and acting like entrepreneurs!