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Why I Wrote the Book?

I have written this book to transfer my experience to other entrepreneurs and to help them achieve success faster and with lower risk. There is an art and craft to creating new ventures that can move rapidly from idea to high impact global business. New ventures can be designed for rapid growth, scalability and lower risk. New ventures can be designed for success. This is what this book is about. 

The book is a ‘how to’ book that introduces what I call a ‘design approach’ to starting up and building businesses. The DREAM section aims to help you harness your ambition and establish your vision, ultimately aiming to strengthen your resolve and move you into action. The DESIGN section introduces my five design principles to enable you to create and build lower risk, high growth, high impact ventures. There are exercises at the end of each chapter which are intended to guide you into establishing a fundable or self-funding business proposition. Finally the SURF section introduces my start-up management philosophy and approach to get you up and going.

My objective is to help accelerate the creation of high impact science and technology businesses in the UK. I am originally from Chile but left the country 35 years ago and have lived in the US, Spain, Venezuela and Brazil before immigrating to the UK. I came to the UK looking for opportunity. I believe the UK is a great place to be an entrepreneur and it is an ideal place to start ventures in science and technology. However, not enough world-class companies are emerging out of the UK’s competencies in research, technology and design and yet these companies have a major role to play in the future of the UK economy. I want to help change that.