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The Interview Series: 010 - Vijay Kanuru, India

Vijay Kanuru is a serial entrepreneur and a leading nanotech-innovator with a background in chemistry and specialising in nano-bio technology. He is the Founder and CEO of  ONCOCUR India Pvt Ltd, a curcumin based cancer drug discovery start-up and HARAS Beverages Pvt Ltd, a turmeric nutraceutic beverages company, developer and producer of the world's first water soluble turmeric juice.

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The Interview Series: 009 - Michael Chisholm Jr., USA

Michael Chisholm Jr. is the founder and CEO of Feros, a company developing solutions to improve the sustainability of the trucking industry. Michael has an MBA specializing in Sustainable Business and Advanced Strategy from the University of Oregon. While attending school, Michael made ends meet as a truck driver, learning the industry from the inside. Michael’s background combined with an enthusiasm for improving transportation sustainability has led him to be the passionate leader of Feros.

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The Interview Series: 006 - Jimmy Huang , Taiwan

Jimmy Huang is founder and CEO of CMA Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Jimmy's background is in IoT and hardware/software integration, specifically working with cloud technology and data analysis. He worked as a manager in MediaTek for twelve years designing IC chips. While there, the heart rate monitor chip project came across his desk and changed his career path. Jimmy took his idea to a close friend who happened to be a doctor and has been developing it ever since.

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The Interview Series: 005 - Shaimaa Lazem, Egypt

Shaimaa Lazem earned a PhD in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, USA in 2012. She holds an academic research position at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications, Egypt. Specialized in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), she started a program to advocate involving human users in technology design processes to achieve social impact. Her projects included designing educational games that helped children in rural Egypt.

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